We are humbled to be able to provide each of the kids attending our program with a Nutritious Nkosi Bar and juice for every session attended. Nkosi is a celebration of hope and the belief that we can change the direction of a generation by becoming part of the solution and has the potential to activate not only significant awareness around malnutrition, but also be a powerful tool in the fight against it. 

Each Nkosi Bar is jampacked with macro nutrients. 

  • 24% protein, comparable to two chicken wings
  • 28g carbs, comparable to two corn on the cob 
  • 11g fats, comparable to three quarters of an avocado

There will also be limited Saturdays where we do sandwiches, stews, etcetera in order to shake things up for the kids. The nutritional value of a Nkosi Bar is however uncomparable! We salute Nkosi Bar in the awesome work that they are doing. Remember to check out their website here.