Lifting Dreams Food Programme


what is khulabowl?

We are honoured to extend our commitment of providing nutritious meals to every child in our program. As of August 2023, we are thrilled and deeply grateful to introduce KhulaBowl. Developed for Lifting Dreams by a team of expert nutritionists, KhulaBowl is poised to revolutionise our program and, with time, make a significant impact in South Africa.

The driving force behind KhulaBowl was to create a porridge with the highest concentration of essential nutrients. Our goal is to combat stunting and wasting while ensuring an appealing taste, satisfying a child’s hunger, and supplying the necessary energy for optimal classroom performance.

In addition to our KhulaBowls, we’ll occasionally introduce variety with options like sandwiches and stews on select Saturdays.

each khulabowl is jampacked with nutrients

  • Essential Minerals for Growing Bodies: KhulaBowls feature a carefully crafted multimineral blend that delivers crucial nutrients like calcium and zinc. These minerals are essential for fostering healthy growth and supporting vital body functions in children.
  • Supporting Digestive Wellness: We understand the importance of digestive health in children’s overall well-being. That’s why KhulaBowls include a combination of pre- and probiotics. These elements work together to promote a balanced and thriving digestive system.
  • Revolutionary Nutri-Tide Ingredient: Introducing Nutri-Tide, an innovative raw material sourced from Switzerland. This remarkable substance plays a pivotal role in supporting DNA replication, a fundamental process for maintaining optimal health.
  • Enriching with Vitamin Premix: Every KhulaBowl is enriched with a meticulously curated vitamin premix. These essential vitamins contribute to the overall nutritional value, ensuring that children receive a well-rounded and complete dietary support.


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