Frequently asked questions


What does a typical volunteer day look like?

All of our kids and campuses are slightly different, as is each volunteering day. However, this example of a volunteer briefing is jampacked with insightful information that should help you get a feel of what you might be able to expect as a volunteer. 

Am I expected to come every session?

Of course not, but we hope that you will. Come when you can – sign up is entirely in your hands.

I don’t have any teaching experience. Will this be a problem?

Not at all – most of us didn’t. We understand that for many of our volunteers, teaching in front of a classroom will be a first. Take a deep breath – one of our dedicated team members will help you to find your feet and voice.

Okay, okay … so I don’t need experience, but do I need qualifications?

Teaching the grade 0 to 7 learners in our programme requires only that you finished matric. All tutors teaching high school (grade 8-12) must however be registered at a tertiary institution (university) or must have completed their university studies all ready. If you’d like to join the high school programme, engineers are well paired with maths, language majors with English, majors with accounting etcetera. 

What must I prepare for my class?

All classroom materials will be prepared and printed in advance. If you’d like to get involved in this process, reach out to join our classroom material WhatsApp group for Primary and High School. Other materials such as pens will also be provided.

Can I choose the grades and ages I work with?

Our sign-up form does allow you to give preference. We will accommodate your classroom preferences best we possibly can. Due to an uncertain number of sign-ups, we may allocate you to a different grade. However, we are confident that you will still have an absolute blast! 

What will I be teaching?

Our programme focuses on math and English for grades 0 to 7. Older students (grades 8 – 12) learners often bring existing classwork in an array of subjects such as accounting, economics, languages, math, etcetera.

Will there be other volunteers in my classroom?

We try to have at least two volunteers per classroom. All grades usually also have a dedicated teacher who will show you the ropes. Some of our frequent volunteers and leaders also move between classrooms to help in any way needed.

I want to get involved … but not as a teacher. Are there other needs?

We encourage everyone to try teaching at least once. However, other administrative, kitchen, and yard duties are also needed. Please also feel free to chat with us about any unique talents or ideas you’d like to contribute to the programme.

I would love to come … but is it safe?

Since the start of our programme in 2019, we have not had any incidents. Driving clubs from Pretoria (and increasingly from Johannesburg) ensure safety in numbers when travelling. Access to the school is monitored. Despite this, we cannot however take responsibility for the safety of any of our volunteers and have created an indemnity in this regard.  Upon signing up, you also automatically agree to this indemnity.