Our approach to finances

all of our donations go directly to the community

  • Sustainability is our first priority. Upon receiving a donation, we allocate 20% to a Nedbank JustInvest account to sustain our program should difficult times come.
  • We are long-term minded and allocate another 15-20% to our study fund where the capital can gain interest over the next 2+ Years.
  • 50% of the donation is held within our current account. This is what we use to sustain the program weekly. (food purchases, printing, etcetera)
  • <10% of our capital is generally spent on administrative costs. In the history of Lifting Dreams none of the directors or members of the company have ever taken fees or a salary. We are proud to say that 100% of our donations have gone directly to the community and maintaining the legal entity of Lifting Dreams NPC.

Financial and company administration is managed independently by Outsource Hub and Mangrove Corporate Solutions.