Vision & Values

Our "why"

We love our country and the beautiful people who live here. We know in order to advance as a country we must improve our educational system and develop the minds of our future leaders. We want to be a part of this change.


  • To spread a message of hope through educational support and break down racial barriers that have plagued our country for decades.
  • To make education fun and make kids aware of the amazing potential that is within them.
  • To inspire kids to be the best they can be, pursue tertiary education and to return to their townships and aspire to help bring change.
  • To empower schools with educational support and academic programmes such as reading clinics, essay writing competitions and math olympiads.
  • To have our programme running across different provinces and campuses within the next 5 years.
  • To empower willing hearts to come and serve in a community and give their Saturday mornings to invest in the lives of young children to further their education.


  • Our programme is child-focused.
  • Our programme is focused on giving relentlessly and serving people. The community and the children deserve nothing but our best effort and resources.
  • Our programme is leadership driven. Everything rises and falls on leadership and we want to develop and equip leaders in our communities to support the children in our programme.
  • Our programme is based on principles of sustainability and longevity – we want to develop a programme that can outlast any single individual currently involved. We believe community development is sustainable and we want to create systems that can support our programmes in communities for years to come.